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2963 E. Center St Anderson, CA 96007

 Southwestern Jewelry, Thrift Western and non Western wear,

Thrift fashion Jewelry, Books, and Collectables


 e-mail : store@margotking.com  Store phone (530) 364- 2522  

I am reopening April  2, 2018.  Same schedule that I have had in the past. Open the first 10 days of the month only. Closed on Sundays and after the 10th. Hours are 11-4

My e-mail is one way of contacting me.


 I have a very  large selection of authentic Native American jewelry. This web page is only a small sampling of what I actually have to offer at great prices!!! My physical store is loaded with a many beautiful piecesThere is a great variety of quality crafted silver, turquoise, coral, natural stones and some interesting work with shells. Beautiful necklaces, belt buckles, bracelets, and rings. All proudly made by Native Americans from the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi artists. Facts about Native American jewelry on this site: I have always purchased Native American jewelry for myself and now I have the pleasure of buying and offering my "finds" to others. I only buy from established Native American sources. I do not buy jewelry from unknown sources. This site is in existence because of my passion for Native American jewelry. Most of the jewelry is made either by Navajo or Zuni silversmiths.  As a rule of thumb, Navajo jewelry is mostly fancy silverwork with larger stones. Zuni jewelry has fancier stone inlay work with less attention to the silverwork. Sometimes it is difficult to determine exactly which tribe made a specific piece.I do not have enough experience to know exactly what mine a piece of turquoise was obtained from. It is all beautiful. Very reasonably priced. All prices include the cost of insurance, shipping and handling. My prices do not allow me to ship outside of the United States. .I have discontinued my shopping cart so you will  need to e-mail me and indicate what you item you  are interested in. Note the item number in your e-mail. I will then check and make sure the item is  available.  I want to be sure I have not already sold it  in my physical store.  I didn't purchase large muiltiples of items and sometimes only have one available. If it is available  I can key in your credit card number and  we can proceed.

Out of area customers directions... If you are traveling through Redding area on I-5 take the #273 business loop into Anderson or North Street and stop by my store. I am on the frontage roadfacing #273 & the railroad tracks between North & Ferry .  See top of page for days and hours of operation.

I carry quality thrift  & handcrafted items too..In addition to the beautiful Southwestern jewelry I offer new western jewelry (reasonably priced)  a large selection of thrift fashion jewelry (starting at $1) thrift western wear including cowboy boots (very reasonably priced) non-western thrift (starting at $1)Thrift purses & shoes (starting at $2.00) Mens ties ($1) Scrubs ($2.00) thrift leather jackets & vests (starting at $7.00) Thrift "bling" cruz wear (starting at $6) one-of-a-kind demim craft jackets and vests (prices vary) Handmade afgans, beaded bracelets & purses (prices vary) There is a bargain back room with luggage, books, marked down leathers and thrift youth clothing. I don't have antiques (If I do I am not aware of it) Fun store and prices are right. I enjoy shopping and I pass my great buys on to my customers. My store is so packed that if I don't offer items at a very reasonable price I won't have room to purchase more. There are other regular thrift stores within a block so there is a lot of reasonable fun shopping available.  Hope to see you soon.

All thrift clothing, shoes, & boots are on sale for 50% off until I have some room to shop for new.   I want to be able to shop again.



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