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Physcal Store Closed 11-9-2019

Once I have completed my move from my physical store and recovered! I will redo this web site and will include the ability to pay by a credit card. I wil be adding new items as well. I will not be carrying all the things I carried in my physical store but will concentrate on the Native American jewellry and One-Of-A-Kind denim items. It will take a few months to make this transistion so keep checking. 

  Facts about Native American jewelry on this site: I have always purchased Native American jewelry for myself and now I have the pleasure of buying and offering my "finds" to others. I only buy from established Native American sources. I do not buy jewelry from unknown sources. This site is in existence because of my passion for Native American jewelry.  As a rule of thumb, Navajo jewelry is mostly fancy silverwork with larger stones. Zuni jewelry has fancier stone inlay work with less attention to the silverwork. Sometimes it is difficult to determine exactly which tribe made a specific piece.I do not have enough experience to know exactly what mine a piece of turquoise was obtained from. It is all beautiful. Very reasonably priced. All prices include the cost of insurance, shipping and handling. My prices do not allow me to ship outside of the United States. .I




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