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Margot King Rentals  (my other job)

Various locations and rents

Office phone (530) 338-2668  Open 7 days a week... No calls after 7:00 p.m. Please!  

e-mail  rentals@shasta.com


I also have a store front location in Anderson, CA   

Margot''''''''''''''''s Trading Post  364-2522

 Open from the 1st of every month through the 10th of every month  from 12-4.

Summer days closed after 10th and Sat & Sundays. Winter days same but Open saturdays.

Rentals info (530) 338-2668

Nothing available right now. Thanks for your interest. keep checking


Hud welcome    References are carefully checked and I do not rent to anyone that has been evicted  I will carefully evaluate  a criminal history. (out of prison & on parole is a criminal history...didn''''''''t think I would have to put it this specifically  but  due to some past  questions/misunderstandings....here it is as clearly as I can say it) DUI & speeding tickets can be talked about. All potential tenants have to fill out information on application.  Do not omit someone and then try and move them in later.  It will be in violation of our rental agreement. No one is to occupy the premises except those that have filled out the application to rent. This is important so please do not do it I would hate to evict you because you thought I wouldn''''''''''''''''find out.  Credit is not as big of an issue as rental history.  I do check so if there is a problem, don''''''''''''''''t waste either of our times. We need to discuss.  .  I don'''''''''''''''' do my screening until I have received a deposit to hold which is used towards your move in costs. I don''''''''''''''''''''''''t accept a deposit to hold until I am fairly sure I will be renting to you based on information I have checked out from your application to rent.  Be honest and don''''''''''''''''t waste our time and money by not disclosing something that will not work for me. I owe it to existing tenants to put responsible tenants in next to them as neighbors.    I pay water disposal and monthly pest control on all units.  I only pay monthly pest control on a separate houses except for a  3 bedroom house (Hamilton)mentioned above. I pay water, disposal, and monthly pest control on it like I do for apartments as it is in a  complex. I Accept HUD. Security deposits are same as rent charged plus $200.00.   Sorry No pets except in a few cases. I have a few units that I will allow cats. It depends on which complex and the age of the existing wall to walll carpets or if the unit has ceramic tile flooring throughout..   Some breeds of dogs are never allowed..  My insurance will cancel me if I allow dangerous breeds..German sheperds, Pit bulls, Chow chows, Rotweillers and any mixes thereof)  So they are not allowed at all.   Call Margot (530) 338-2668. No calls after 7:00 p.m. please  or e-mail rentals@shasta.com for further information.   Please do not rent one of my units if you cannot afford to pay the rent in a timely fashion. I can''''''''''''''''t afford constant late payment of rent and will  have to ask tenants to move if that becomes an issue. I have recently had to ask some tenants that I really like to vacate their units.   Tenants and myself do not win when I have to initiate an Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) No one wins in that situation.  An emergency is one thing but constant emergencies that affect payment of rent means that Tenant is in a unit that they can''''''''''''''''''''''''t afford. Please check yur budget before obligating yourself to one of my units. I can''''''''''''''''t afford to allow constant late payament of rent. Sorry!

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