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OKMCJ131 Cowboy boots ladies vest $45.00

Made from scratch All material prewashed so safe to thrown in the washer-- warm water good idea. Fringe is also washable.  Fronge  may curl a little if washed? Depends on your prererences as to how to clean.  2 peal snaps as enclosure.  Fitted with room left for bust.  Rust silky material lining.  Small hole in top where I used a tag gun to attach the price tag. Denim material not a problem but found out the silky material shows where the tag gun went in.  Won't show when you are wearing it but.....Not a little girls vest. 36" bust size 20" long measured from top in back. $ 45.00 price includes the cost of my mailing, handling and insurance in the USA only.  Sorry my prices cannot accommodate the cost of shipping outside the USA.

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